Launch a Flow From Process Builder or Visualforce

Okay so you've got a flow, but how do you fire it? Using Process Builder or a Visualforce Page of course! These are a couple of the most common ways to launch a flow and I'll dive into each of them in this post.

Continuing on from the Flow Loop Basics post...

Let's fire off our flow! First, I'm going to run through how to kick the flow off from Process Builder. Then I'll fire it using a Visualforce page that sits behind a custom button. I'll also show you a simple technique for controlling the flow's finish location.

After you've got a good grasp of this, check out my next post where we make this flow reusable and call it from a master flow: Flows Calling Flows. Do you want the config from this video? You can find it in the Flows Calling Flows post as well.

Here's my Process Builder description template

Single process for the OBJECT object. See each node for more detail

Here's my boilerplate code for launching flow from Visualforce

Here it is with a real example


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