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Flows Calling Flows

The true power of Flow comes from learning how to compartmentalize your logic into specific, reusable Flows that can be used throughout your implementation. I'll cover the basics of how to do this as well as a few other techniques in this post. Continuing on from the Launch a Flow From Process Builder or Visualforce post... Last time we made a flow that counts 1 type of Beer and puts that count on the Brewery record. Let's transform that into a reusable flow so we can count all types of beer at the same time! We'll do this by making a master flow that calls our new and improved flow many times. I'll also be showing a technique that will help you to prevent updating records that do not need to be updated. It's important to prevent Salesforce Automation from snowballing - ie. Process Builder fires a Flow to update a record which then triggers a Workflow Rule to update another field which then fires a Trigger to then... Yeah, you get it. It's messy. And very